『Sarazanmai』 and 「Sanrio」’s 「Sarazanmai Cafe – design produced by Sanrio」 collab Cafe is scheduled to open its doors on September 19, 2019 in Tokyo and September 26, 2019 in Osaka. The food will take after the image of an old-fashioned Cafe and 「Sanrio」’s trademark goodies will also be available for purchase.

「Sarazanmai Cafe – design produced by Sanrio」 has the atmosphere of an Asakusa’s retro cafeteria, with 『Sarazanmai』’s characters as the general motif – art designed by Sanrio.

Stepping inside the Cafe, everyone will have various choices of food, from the 「Soccer ball of Youth Curry」 reproduced based on the trio Kazuki, Toi, Enta’s 「Connection」, “Soccer”, to the 「Cafe sandwich」 with ingredients represent the color image of the characters, or the 「Reo and Mabu reminiscence pancake」, mimicking the pancake (hotcake) which was featured in the spin off comic, and more.

What’s more, you have a chance to buy many goodies such as Acrylic keychains, Acrylic key chains size big, tote bags, sheet protectors and more, with the original designs of the characters.

「Sarazanmai Cafe – design produced by Sanrio」 is scheduled to open on September 19, 2019 to October 27, 2019 in Tokyo – Ikebukuro Venue and on September 26, 2019 to November 5, 2019 in Osaka – Nihonbashi Venue.

At the venue, those who reserve their seats in advance will receive 「original stickers(4 types)」 and those who order from the menu will receive 「original coasters (6 types)」.

[Schedule / Shop]
■ Tokyo / Ikebukuro Venue: September 19, 2019 (Thursday) ~ October 27, 2019 (Sunday)
■ Osaka / Nihonbashi Venue: September 26, 2019 (Thursday) ~ November 5, 2019 (Tuesday)

【Reservation method】
・ Reservation start: September 6 (Friday) ・・19:00~
・ Reservation fee: 500 yen (with reservation benefits)
(C) Ikuni Rapper / Siri Commanders