TV anime 『Darwin’s Game』, which will broadcast starting from Jan., 2020 has released its first animated PV! At the same time, information regarding the staff and additional cast was announced.

The director is Tokumoto Yoshinobu, who handled 『Comic Girls』, screenplay will be by Miyama Shuu, who is also in charge of the original works as part of FLIPFLOPs, and the animation studio will be Nexus, which handled anime such as 『Comic Girls』 and 『Granbelm』. Moreover, it was decided that Omori Nichika will voice Rein, Yashiro Taku will voice Ryuuji, and Hanamori Yumiri will voice Sui/Souta.

Furthermore, the broadcast news was announced– 『Darwin’s Game』 will be broadcasted startingJan. 2020 on the terrestrial broadcast such as TOKYO MX, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, Yomiuri TV, Aichi TV, BS11, AT-X, and it was revealed that Abema TV will satellite broadcast at the same time as the terrestrial broadcast, and is sure to monopolize as priority. Please look forward the world of 『Darwin’s Game』 which is the fruit of labor from the staff and cast.

<Below contains the full commentary>

【Rein, CV: Omori Nichika】

I’m quite eager that the nerve wrecking and fierce perspective of this original works, which was quite thrilling and full of crisis situations, will get an anime adaptaion, and I’m also happy that I can participate in this. Rein looks small and cute, but she is the Analyst in D Game, which is both smart and cool! I want to bring out more her charm through my acting! I will try my best as Rein to survive until the end together with her companions.

【Ryuuji, CV: Yashiro Taku】

I’m glad that the thriling story can be presented as an animation, because the original work is truly interesting, and that I can participate as a cast member.

I am also looking forward for the post recording and the anime broadcast, so I hope everyone could wait eagerly for it.

【Sui/Souta, CV: Hanamori Yumiri】

I will be acting for Sui and Souta this time.
To be honest, the special relationship between the two are quite complicated and has always been on my mind since the audition.
These two bring out their charm in the original work by striving to live, so please look forward to it.

(C)FLIPFLOPs(Akita Bookstore)/Darwin’s Game Production Committee