Upcoming TV anime “Darwin's Game”, set to air in Jan. 3, 2020, releases a new promotional video. The promo's footage features, for the first time, the opening theme “CHAIN” by ASCA and is packed with thrilling scenes from the anime.

The original superpower battle manga is currently serialized in “Bessatsu Shonen Champion” (Akita Shoten). One day, ordinary high school student Sudo Kaname started the unknown application called “Darwin's Game”, that was sent to him, unbeknownst to him that the game involves a fight between players using superpowers. Will Kaname be able to stand against other powerful players and survive?

TV Anime “Darwin's Game” will air on TOKYO MX and other channels on Jan. 3, 2020 at midnight. The first episode is set to be an hour long.

(C)FLIPFLOPs(Akita Shoten)/Darwin's Game Production Committee