The dubbed casts of the latest movie 「Terminator: Dark Fate」, the sixth movie in the series, have been appeared one at stroke. The legendary voice actors Genda Tessho and Toda Keiko costarred together as voice actors in the series.

「Terminator: Dark Fate」 is a direct sequel to 「Terminator 2」. James Cameron, who worked on “1” and “2”, is also involved with the production team as a producer and screenwriter.

Although people once avoided doomsday, the crisis was not over yet, and a story which was about to protect Dani who holds the fate of humanity was drawn.

Genda and Toda were in charge of dubbing the T-800 and Sarah Conner, respectively, in the past Terminator’s works, and it seems that they tried to do their best with the latest work starring with the same casts.

Besides that, there are Sakamoto Maaya as Grace, Soldier-assassin who has the superhuman abilities, Komatsu Fuminori as the enemy Terminator REV-9, Takagaki Ayahi as a woman named Dani who has strong resemblance to Sarah Connor, Ito Ken as Miguel, Dani’s older brother, and Ochiai Fukushi as a male doctor at the Immigration.

Genda said, “I’m just filled with deep emotion! That’s it. I couldn’t be happier to act in a sequel to **Terminator 2**, which is very special to me. It’s worth watching and is a really impressive work.”

On the other hand, Toda said, “It has been a long time since I played the role of Sarah Conner in the past, so it was a surprise to me,” adding some words saying, “Women’s action is worth watching, this time. Please look forward to the action of strong women, especially action of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor for for the first time in 28 years. ”

**Terminator: Dark Fate** will be shown at movie theaters nationwide from Nov. 8.

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