A stage adaption of **DURARARA!!**, a TV anime broadcast over 60 episodes, has been newly decided. From April to May 2020, it will be performed at three locations in Tokyo, Aichi and Osaka. Along with the announcement, comments from the original writer, Ryogo Narita, and illustrations for the stage adaption were released.

The original work of **DURARARA!!** is a novel written by Narita Ryogo and illustrated by Yasuda Suzuhito. In 2010, it became a TV anime, and in 2015 the second term **DURARARA!!× 2** was broadcasted.
A boy who admires the city's extraordinary life, Ryugamine Mikado leaves his hometown and enters Raira Gakuen in Ikebukuro because a childhood friend Kida Masaomi asked him so. However, the city of Ikebukuro was more extraordinary than he imagined.
There are Heiwajima Shizuo who breaks off a street sign and hurls a vending machine, the information broker Orihara Izaya, the color gangs called the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves, and finally, The Headless Rider driving an all black motorcycle…And when Mikado noticed, he was drawn to the center of the extraordinary life…

In 2020, the 10th year since the first broadcast of the TV anime, the stage adaption was decided as a new development.
It will feature producer Mouri Nobuhiro who worked as a screenwriter for not only **Kamen Rider** series but **Hakuoki** and **Black Butler** as musical, and screenwriter Takagi Noboru who did the TV anime **DURARARA!!** series composition.

The stage **DURARARA!!** will be performed at three locations in Tokyo, Aichi and Osaka from April to May 2020. The official title for the stage version and the casts will be announced later.

<The following comments are posted in full>
[Narita Ryogo]

The stage adaption! Finally the stage adaption!

Almost 10 years has passed since the anime **DURARARA!!** was broadcasted. It means so much to me to hear that a media mix will be generated in a new way. This happened because **DURARARA!!x2** was broadcasted in each country very well and the fans supported in every way such as movie software, goods, original novels, and comicarized contens! Thank you so much!

For me, I used to belong to a drama club during high school, so regarding anime and manga, I come across with some feelings that are different from anime and manga. I was surprised when I first heared about it, and wondered if I could do **DURARARA!!** as a stage performer, but I am excited that "it seems to be amazing" as one of the audience from now on because I heared that the producer would be Mouri who has experienced much and produced many special effect works and the stage **Black Butler**, and the screen writer would be, believe it or not, Takagi who took care of the anime series!
I hope that you will enjoy the additional information that will be revealed by the spring of 2020 to share this feeling with everyone!