TV series 「The Rising of the Shield Hero」 has been announced to be on stage. Beginning performance in Osaka from 27th of March and in Tokyo from 2nd of April 2020.

The original work of 「The Rising of the Shield Hero」 is Aneko Yusagi's "Rise of the Man who Lost Everything".
A very ordinary otaku university student, Iwatani Naofumi, encountered a book in the library that summoned him to another world. Our hero becomes known as The Shield Hero, and the mission presented to the four legendary heroes, who wield a sword, a spear, a bow and a shield is to shake off the Waves of Catastrophe which bring chaos to the world. Naofumi was very excited to go on this big adventure along with his friends. However, several days after his departure, Naofumi was betrayed and lost both his money and position. Naofumi, who is now distrustful of others, goes to stop the waves with the employed slave girl Raphtalia…
Can we possibly break through this hopeless situation?

An anime by the same name has been broadcast on TV from January to June 2019. Then, the other day, the production team of seasons 2 and 3 was announced, further exciting everyone.
This time, the work will be staged, with screenwriter Moriyama Kaori (Bobjack Theater), director Ogida Satoshi (Bobjack Theater), Producer Unebasami Kazuki (SCISSOR BLITZ LLC.) were named. This time, keep an eye on the latest information, including the cast.

Stage work 「The Rising of the Shield Hero」 will be performed on 27-29th of March, 2020 in Osaka's 「COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA Hall TT」, and 2-4th of April, 2020 in Tokyo's 「Theater Sun Mall」.

【Osaka Performance】
Friday 27.03.2020 – Sunday 29.03.2020

【Tokyo Performance】
Thursday 02.04.2020 – Sunday 12.04.2020
Theater Sun Mall

【Original Work】
Aneko Yusagi

【Original Work Illustrator】
Yanan Seira

Moriyama Kaori (Bobjack Theater)

Ogida Satoshi (Bobjack Theater)

Unebasami Kazuki (SCISSOR BLITZ LLC.)


(C) 2019 Aneko Yusagi/KADOKAWA/Shield Hero Production Committee