In commemoration of Orihara Izaya’s birthday on May 4th, “Durarara! ×2 Orihara Izaya Birthday Lottery 2023” is now available on Kujibikido.

“Durarara! is based on a light novel written by Narita Ryogo and published by “Dengeki Bunko” from 2004 to 2014.
Set in Ikebukuro, the story depicts suspenseful action involving peculiar characters including a gang, the strongest man in Ikebukuro, an informant, a back-alley doctor, a stalker, and a “headless rider.” In 2009, the series was adapted into its first TV anime, and a sequel, “Durarara! SH” was published in 2014.

“Durarara! ×2 Orihara Izaya Birthday Lottery 2023” is an online raffle consisting solely of Orihara Izaya’s merchandise to celebrate his birthday.
The prizes include a life-size cloth poster, a foil-stamped acrylic panel, a birthday penlight, and many other items that can only be obtained at this event.

The raffle will be available for 715 yen per play (tax included/separate shipping fee) until 11:59 pm on May 23 on Kujibikido.
Also, a “hologram tin badge” will be distributed on May 4, the day of his birthday only, when a set of 10 lots is purchased. For details, please visit the product page.