Guest Voice Actors for the movie, 『My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes:Rising』 that is going to be released 20 December 2019 were announced.One of the deadliest enemies , Nine is the character voiced by Inoue Yoshio along with his entourage, Slice voiced by Imada Mio.

The original work of 『My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes:Rising』 is a comic serialized in 「Weekly Shounen Jump」 with number of series issued exceeding 23 million copies. The TV anime has its Season 1 till Season 3 broadcast with Season 4 which will be start from October 2019. On top of that, the theater version of this anime released on the summer of 2018 has
recorded a huge hit with 1.39 million of spectators and box office revenue of 1.72 billion yen.

In this movie, Deku and Bakugo Katsuki being his childhood friend and rival together with the members of 1st Grade Class A of Yuei High School such as Uraraka Ochako, Iida Tenya, Todoroki Shouto and others are gathered as the “New Hero of New Generation of ” that inherits the will of All Might to face the The deadliest enemy ever of 〈Villain〉, Nine.

Two of the guest acting as the voice actor are being announced.
The role of the mysterious enemy Nine from chased his whererabouts by Shigaraki Tomura is acted by Inoue Yoshio who has played countless of starring in the musical and had his appearance his last particepation in 『Theater Versio Sword Art Online-Ordinal Scale-』
The Voice Actress of the entourage of Nine, who has the ability to manipulate her hair like edged knife, Slice of<Villain> is acted by
Imada Mio who has numerous appearance in many drama and and won the Voice Actress category of 「Yahoo! Search Award 2018」, being the centre of the topic of the crowds.

The movie, 『My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes:Rising』 is having their road show starting from the 20 December 2019 in TOHO theater nationwide.

<The following comments are posted in full>
【Nine role: Inoue Yoshio】

When I got the offer, I was encouraged by my son who is a big fan of 「My Hero Academia」 that ‘ You should definitely do it! ‘ and I thankfully accepted this role. I feel that this is an entertaining work filled with the theme that links to the current world that is seeking for Heroes nowadays while being fictional as an anime. This is what we need the most for the current peaceful days .

I am excited to be able to act as the deadliest enemy, ‘Nine’ because I have never played as villain on musical on stage before, where I will give my best to play the role I am given!

【Slice Role: Imada Mio】

The first time I read the script, I feel exhilarated just like the time I read the manga!
This is my first time to challenge myself for playing the character voice for an Anime movie where I would like to do my best to bring out the coolness and beauty of the role of Slice who is not in the original work. I hope that everyone is looking forward towards the completion of this great exciting story as much as I do!

■Title: My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes:Rising
■Original work・General supervisor・Character Design:Horikoshi Kohei(Shueisha「Weekly Shounen Jump」Serialized)
■Animation Production/Bonzu
■Release Date/20 December(Friday)