Anime movie 「Our 7 days war」 is scheduled for Dec. 13, 2019. Following the announcement, the main casts will be Kitamura Takumi as Suzuhara Mamoru and Yoshine Kyoko as Chiyono Aya. Additionally, Han Megumi, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Otsuka Takeo, Michii Haruka, Koichi Makoto and Sakurai Takahiro also appearparticipate in the movie.

『Our 7 days war』 is over 40 volumes, best-seller novel series written by Soda Osamu, which It was soldsold more than 20 millions copies (Up until August 2019).

The bookworm Suzuhara Mamoru has a one-sided love for his neighbor Chiyono Aya. However, one week later, Aya's father who works as a legislatorwas going to move to, is relocated to Tokyo due to workplace conveniences. Listening to the heart-stricken Aya's real feelings, Mamoru made his decision, "Let's run away!".

Mamoru who has been dreaming of eloping alone with Aya, was left disappointed as Aya's best friend Yamazaki Kaori, the popular kid Ogata Souma, the carefree Akutsu Saki and the genius Honjo Hiroto also join their escape. Without a doubt, it's the beginning of a special summer.

The main casts are announced as followed:
The plain student, also history maniac, Mamoru is played by the talented and charming actor/singer Kitamura (Vo./Gt) from Dance Rock Band 「DISH//」. The one-sided lover of Mamoru, the heroine Aya is played by the newcomer award winning voice actress from 「42nd Japan Academy Prize」, Yoshine.

The reason behind this decision is "We want to entrust the roles of Mamoru and Aya, who dare to wage war against the adults, to artists that possess the natural power of persuasion skills to make the story feel real. We have a chance to observe the performance of Kitamura-san and Yoshine-san. We think the hidden delicate heart, together with the bold acting element they have will help them understand and fare well as the voices of the characters that make everyone want to support. With that in mind, we offered them the roles, and they fit so well that all of our staff are surprised." – commented by KADOKAWA

Anime movie 『Our 7 days war』 is scheduled for Japan nationwide roadshow from Dec. 13, 2019.

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【Director: Murano Yuta】
「Acting is a session. By working along with different people, something good will come out of it.」 That's what Kitamura Takumi said in an interview. Though there aren't many cases where actors and voice actors record their work together in the same place, 『7 days war』 respond that belief and have the recording of the 7 adventurous young ones happen that the same time.

The heart and soul voice acting of Aya, by Yoshine Kyoko-san, inspired everyone at the recording. I can only describe it in one word, masterpiece. The presence of Han Megumi-san and Suzuki Tatsuhisa-san being team players also help bolster the relationship of the 7 and create a united, trust, supporting environment. It's as if the youngsters from the novel were really coming to live. With that, this project will without a doubt gain a lot of attention.

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