From “GeGeGe no Kitaro” (6th Run), the key visual of the new chapter “Final Chapter Nurarihyon edition”, which will start in October 2019 has been released.
At the same time, Otsuka Akio will be appearing as the new Nurarihyonthe appearance of Otsuka Akio as t newly appearing Nurarihyon and Cho as the role of Shunobon was announced.
“GeGeGe no Kitaro” (6th Run) began broadcasting back in April 2018, the 50th anniversary of the first anime Run
In the new chapter “Final Nurarihyon edition”, which begins on the 76th episode on October 6th, Nurarihyon, which is widely-knownfamous as the “General of Japanese Youkai”, appears as the title indicates.

The role of Nurarihyon is played by a voice actor Otsuka Akio, who is thea son of Otsuka Chikao, who played the role of Rat Man (Nezumi Otoko) in the first and second Runs. The voice actor Cho, known by the role of Brook in “One Piece”“One Piece” Brook, will play the role of Zhu. A story with two famous names joining, that will shake the world of human and youkai as well as Japanese and Western monsters will soon be unfolded.famous two names will join in the anime and
the story that will shake the world of humanand youkai, as well as Japanese and Western monsters. will be unfolded.

“GeGeGe no Kitaro”
the final chapter, Nurarihyon edition, will start at 9 o’clock on October 6th.

<Summary of the new chapter “the final Nurarihyon edition”>
An case of an explosionexplosion occurred in the human world.
It may be the act of a terrorist bombing as the victim is an influential politician.
The politician was being entertained at a famous restaurant (Ryotei) at the time , and the person who was attending him was unknown, but there was information that someone with a red face was accompanying him…

On the other hand,
a letter from a human comes into the Yokai post
The letter says that they are in trouble because a big youkai is running rampant on a golf course development site.
Kitaro thought the yokai whose homes have been destroyed got angry and rampant. He also have mixed thoughts about a new golf course development project especially in this year of Reiwa?
What an nachronism isn’t it?
A guy approaches in front of Kitaro.
What is the aim of “the guy” who suddenly appeared on the front stage again ,breaking many years of silence?

<The following comments are posted in full>
<Producer comment>
Kano Yuta (Fuji Television Organization)
I am very honored that Otsuka-san and Cho-san will be able to perform in this anime.
What kind of things Nurarihyon will come up with?
And how will Kitaro face them? In the new chapter, there will be more energy and scale, and it will be developed with a boost of modernity.
Please look forward to it.

Daichi Nagatomi (Toei Animation)
Nurarihyon is the king of the Yokai …
That sort of image was actually formed through the anime “GeGeGe no Kitaro” after a long time!
Finally, Nurarihyon will also appear in the sixth season, which is being broadcast at the moment.
Moreover, the legendary voice actor, Otsuka Akio, will be playing as himplay!

I think many of you know, but Otsuka’s father was Otsuka Chikao, who played the first and second runs of Rat Man( Nezumi Otoko)
Appearing in the anime “GeGeGe no Kitaro” for two generations with both the parents and children is only made possible because the anime’s history of over 50 years.
Please watch the final chapter Nurarihyon edition, which will start on Sunday, October 6th.

(C) Mizuki Pro, Fuji TV, Toei Animation