The event “Gegege Anniversary 2020 Anime Special Release Event” has been decided. This event will show “Gegege no Kitarou” and “Akuma-kun” and there will be a talk show with the cast and staff. The event will be held from Nov. 21 to 30.

“Gegege Anniversary 2020” is the event held from Nov. 21 to 30 at Chofu, Tokyo, where the original author of “Gegege no Kitarou”, Mizuki Shigeru, is closely related with. The anime play event will be held for 6 days, from Nov. 21 to 23, and from Nov. 28 to 30.
This event also contains a talk show . The film will be live-viewed and streamed live from an audience-free venue at Theatas Chofu.

The first day, Nov. 21 will start from 6 PM and will show 4 selected episodes from the TV series “Akuma-kun”. Guests include Furukawa Toshio (playing Mefist II), the series director Satou Junichi, and the music composer Satou Kyouno.
On the second day, Nov. 22, from 6 PM, Season 4 of “Gegege no Kitarou” will be shown. The guests on the stage are: Chiba Shigeru (Rat Man), Nishimura Chinami (Cat Girl), the series director Nishio Daisuke, and the producer Shimizu Shinji.

The event on Nov. 23 from 6 PM will show “Gegege no Kitarou” Season 5. The event welcomes Takayama Minami (Kitarou), Takaga Wataru (Rat Man), Konno Hiromi (Cat Girl), Ikezawa Haruna (Amaebi), the story produer Sanjou Riku , and the producer Sakurada Hiroyuki.

The event from 6 PM of Nov. 28 will show the latest “Gegege no Kitaro” Season 6. The guest members are: Shouji Umeka (Cat Girl) and Fujii Yukiyo (Inuyama Mana). “Gegege no Kitarou” Season 6 will also be shown on Nov. 29 at 6 PM as “Tottori Collaboration Day”. On this day Sawashiro Miyuki (Kitarou), and Nozawa Masako (Medama Oyaji) have been invited.

The last day of Nov. 30 “Gegege no Kitarou” Season 6 will also shown from 7 PM. The guests include Furukawa Toshio (Rat Man), Shouji Umeka (Cat Girl) and Yamaguchi Kappei (Ittan-momen).
All talk shows will be run by Nagatomi Daichi, the producer of “Gegege no Kitarou” Season 6. The character shows are also planned at noon of Nov. 21 and 29.
Ticket lottery is currently available at e-plus from 10 AM of Oct. 17. Regular sales will be held from Nov. 17 at 10 AM.

The main visual of the event has been released as well. Amaebi from “Gegege no Kitarou” Season 5 and Amaebi drawn by Mizuki Shigeru collaborated on the poster, and this wishes all the wonderful health conditions. This visual will also be used for original event goods.

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