TV anime 『Haikyuu!!』 will release its 4th season titled 『Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP』 with a new visual of Karasuno High School.
In addition, it is announced that there will be new characters voiced by Hanae Natsuki & Miyano Mamoru, as well as teaser PV fromthe upcoming OVA 『Haikyuu!!Riku VS Sora Land VS Sky』 which will be released on January 22, 2020.

These were announced at the “New Series Kickoff Event ~Road to the National Tournament (Orange Court)~” held on September 22 at the Maihama Amphitheater in Chiba.
This 4th season of Haikyuu! depicts a story of Kageyama Tobio ,who joins The All-Japan Youth Training Camp, hich is where he will meet the new characters. Those characters are no other than Hoshiumi Korai from Kamomedaiemodai High voiced by Hanae Natsuki, and Miya Atsumu from Inarizaki High voiced by Miyano Mamoru.

Furthermore, teaser PV showing representatives of The Spring InterHigh for the upcoming OVA 『Haikyuu!! Land VS Sky』 is finally published at the event, followed with a cheer of joy and applause from fans.

TV anime 『Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP』 will be broadcast starting from January 2020, on channel 28 “Super Animeism” of MBS / TBS network nationwide.
OVA 『Haikyuu!! Land VS Sky』 will be released on January 22, 2020, in Blu-ray for 6,800 yen (+ tax) and DVD for 5,800 yen (+ tax).

TV anime 『Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP』 will be broadcast fromJanuary 2020!!
The 4th season from January 2020 on channel 28 MBS / TBS nationwide networks every Fridayat 1:25 AMon the “Super Animeism”!!

OVA 『Haikyuu!! Riku VS SoraLand VS Sky』, January 22, 2020 (Wednesday) release!!
The decisive battle where Nekoma, Fukurodani, and Nohebi meet their fate at The Spring InterHigh Tokyo!!
Price: 【Blu-ray】6,800 yen +tax
【DVD】5,800 yen +tax
(C) Haruichi Furudate / Shueisha, “Haikyuu!!” Production Committee, MBS