To celebrate 『Fist of the North Star』anime’s 35th anniversary, the TV series made by Toei Animation was decided to be released as「The Fist of the North Star Blu‐ray」for viewers to binge watch. Each part from Part 1 to Part 4 is recorded on one Blu-ray disc and will be released in 4 volumes on December 4 simultaneously.

TV Anime『Fist of the North Star』is a 152 episode series that first began airing back in October 1984 and ended in March 1987.
From the part where Kenshirou stood in the middle of the wilderness after having his lover Yuria taken away by Shin, till the decisive battle with the elder North Star brother, Raoh is classified as the early term. Set few years after that decisive battle, from the part where Kenshirou who once again appeared and fought against the imperial soldiers, till the part where Kenshirou’s history and the battle of death in Asura along with the 2000 year history of Hokuto is revealed will be classified as the later term.

The 「Fist of the North Star Blu-ray」 planned for release consists of 4 parts, part 1 records episode 1 till 22 titled「Yuria forever…and Shin!」, part 2 records the Fuun Ryuko arc from episode 23 till 57 titled「Farewell Rei!The time tells the legend of the hero」, part 3 records the Ranse Hadou arc episode 58 till 77 titled 「Hokuto appears during the Nanto riot!!」and part 4 records the last chapter from episode 83 till 108 titled 「Raoh should die!Legend turns into Fear!!」.
Part 2 is priced at 11,000¥(+Tax)while the others are priced at 9,000¥(+Tax)each. A booklet is also scheduled to be included as a first-time exclusive. Visit Toei’s video information page for more details.

【Voice Casts】
Kenshirou:Akira Kamiya  
Bat:Teiyuu Ichiryusai  
Rin:Tomiko Suzuki  
Shin:Toshio Furukawa  
Yuria:Yuriko Yamamoto  
Rei:Kaneto Shiozawa  
Toki:Takaya Hashi  
Raoh:Kenji Utsumi   
Narration:Banjou Ginga・Shigeru Chiba 

Original: Buronson・Manga:Tetsuo Hara
Planning: Okamasa・Yoshinobu Takao(Fuji TV)
Producer:Yoshio Takami  
Screenwriter: Shozo Uehara・Toshiki Inoue・Hiroshi Toda・Yuuho Hanazono・Tokio Tsuciya・Yukiyoshi Ohashi  
Series Director:Toyoo Ashida
Cast: Toyoo Ashida・Hagumu Ishiguro・Masamitsu Sasaki・Atsutoshi Umezawa・Masahisa Ishida・Osamu Kamimura・Kiyotaka Kantake・Mitani Akio・Hiromichi Matano・Umetaro Saiya・Shigenori Kageyama・Shin’ichi Masaki・Ichirou Itano・Tomoharu Katsumata 
Character Design:Masami Suda 
Art Design:Mitsuki Nakamura
Music:Nozomi Aoki

Fist of the North Star Blu-ray<4 Volumes>
On Sale on December 4, 2019(Wed)
・Part 1「Yuria forever…and Shin!」
 Episode 1 – 22/Includes all 22 episodes・9,000¥+Tax
・Part 2 Fuun Ryuko Arc「Farewell Rei!The time tells the legends of the hero」
 Episode 23 – 57/Includes all 35 episodes・11,000¥+Tax
・Part 3 Ranse Hadou Arc「Hokuto appears during the Nanto riot!!」
 Episode 58 – 77/Includes all 20 episodes・9,000¥+Tax
・Final Part「Raoh should Die!Legend turns into Fear!!」
 Episode 83 – 108/Includes all 22 episodes・9,000¥+Tax

【Selling Agency】Toei Video Co., Ltd  【Distributor】Toei Co., Ltd

(C)Buronson・Tetsuo Hara/NP・Toei Animation 1987