From “Fist of the North Star” comes an action figure of “Jagi”, the third of the four Hokuto brothers, in the “Super Figure Movable” series. Pre-orders are available at the “MEDICOS ONLINE SHOP” online store and other stores.

This item, “Super Figure Movable ‘Jagi'” is the third one in the “Super Figure Movable” series, and is an item that was made into a figure under Hara Tetsuo’s thorough supervision of the sculpting and coloring .

His trademark helmet and the seven scars on his chest have been precisely recreated, and his head with helmet is detachable, and it also comes with face parts that faithfully reproduce the original.

“Super Figure Motion Picture: Jagi” is priced at 9,460 JPY (tax included). It is currently available for pre-order at the “Medicos Entertainment” online store and other stores, and will be released in September 2021.

(C) Buronson, Hara Tetsuo / Core Mix 1983 Copyright License GB-219