The musical based on “Fist of the North Star”, “Fist of the North Star -Hokuto no Ken-” opened in Nissay Theater, Tokyo on December 8, 2021. Stage photos and a video with the messages from the staff have been released along with comments from the cast members.

“Fist of the North Star -Hokuto no Ken-” is a musical of “Fist of the North Star” with the music by Frank Wildhorn, the composer of “Jekyll & Hyde” and “Death Note: The Musical”.
With a stage that brilliantly recreates the end of the century after a nuclear war, the music of a gorgeous live orchestra will draw you into the world of a grand musical. The battle scenes between the strong men scattered throughout the story are the most intense in the history of musicals, making it one of the main attractions of the show.

The hero Kenshiro is played by Oonuki Yuusuke, and the heroine Yuria will be a double-cast by Hirahara Ayaka and May’n with outstanding singing skills.
The other cast members are: Katou Kazuki and Onoda Ryuunosuke as Kenshiro’s brother Toki, Uehara Takuya / Ueda Kandai as Shin, an original enemy of Kenshiro for the musical, and Irei Kanata and Uehara Rio will take turns playing Rei and Juza. Raoh, the core character of the story, will be played by Fukui Shoichi and Miyao Shuntarou.

The message video that was released along with the opening of the show is a message from the cast and staff to the audience, accompanied by “Koori to Honoo” (Fire and Ice) sung by Hirahara Ayaka.

Also the cast members of the musical “Fist of North Star -Hokuto no Ken-” appeared in “FNS Kayousai”, which was broadcast from 6:30 pm on December 8. They sang “Kokoro no Sakebi” (Shout of Heart) from the musical and “Ai wo Torimodose” (Take Back the Love), the theme song of the anime “Fist of the North Star”.

The musical “Fist of the North Star -Hokuto no Ken-” will be performed in Tokyo at the Nissay Theater until December 29. It will also be performed in Osaka at the Umeda Arts Theater on January 8 and 9, 2022, and in Nagoya at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater on January 15 and 16, 2022.

【Oonuki Yuusuke as Kenshiro】

The world premiere of the original musical, “Fist of the North Star -Hokuto no Ken-“. Everyone in the rehearsal hall loved the work and was filled with energy to make it better. I am truly happy to finally be able to present this work created with a wonderful script and music, and an amazing group of staff and cast working together. We can’t wait to share our excitement with you!

【Hirahara Ayaka as Yuria (double-cast)】

It’s finally the first day. Until today, I have rehearsed with everyone in the company to the best of my ability, bringing each of our lives together. I believe there is something meaningful in the fact that “Fist of the North Star” is being made into a musical at this time. When I sing alone, I’m not alone. When I reach for something, when I laugh, or even when I’m falling, I’ll always remember that there’s someone I love in my heart. Pain doesn’t go away but we can learn to live together. I hope to spread this message through this musical.

【May’n as Yuria (double-cast)】

The curtain is finally opening! While respecting the original “Fist of the North Star”, I would like to cherish the meaning of us, who live in this age, delivering a message to the audience through the musical adaptation. I will live my life to the fullest as Yuria, believing in the future while bearing my fate. Please come to the theaters to enjoy the show!

【Katou Kazuki as Toki (double-cast)】

The curtain is finally going up for the first day. To be honest, I sometimes wondered on the rehearsal stage what the audience would see in my performance, but once I got to the theater, my worries were blown away. Kenshiro and all the characters, the world of Fist of the North Star was undeniably there. I hope you will come to the theaters and experience the excitement and impact of the show.

【Onoda Ryuunosuke as Toki (double-cast)】

You must have wondered, “What’s it going to be like?” when it was announced that Fist of the North Star was becoming a musical. The members of the company also were wondering the same thing! Before we knew it, the months had passed and the production is about to open! It is an honor to be a part of this original musical created through a collaboration of this classic manga and creative staff from in and out of Japan. I wish to light the fire in the hearts of as many people as I can.

【Uehara Takuya as Shin (double-cast)】

I wonder how the audience will perceive this work, which is filled with many thoughts and feelings for the cast and staff. I will try my best, hoping that love will reach through Shin to Yuria, and to you. I hope you will enjoy the show starting today!

【Ueda Kandai as Shin (double-cast)】

Everything felt fresh on the rehearsal stage. During practice, the rehearsals, there were many things that I had never experienced before, but now I am really glad that I overcame all of them. I’m really happy to be able to deliver this work to the audience, which we cast and staff members worked on together. I’m also glad that all of us can celebrate the opening without any serious injuries. This will be my first performance in a grand musical. I hope to have much fun on stage as I can.

【Kawaguchi Tatsuya as Ryuken】
The world premiere of an original musical from Japan!! Music, visuals, and action! I have a feeling this will be entertainment beyond the boundaries of a musical! Please look forward to the realistic performance of the actors who put their bodies on the line in it! I’ll be waiting at the theaters with a shiny head!!

【Shirahane Yuri as Tou/Toyo】

The world premiere of Fist of the North Star is finally about to begin! The cast and crew have been rehearsing with great enthusiasm, and are now filled with a sense of tension and excitement at the curtain opening. Of course, I love the action scenes but I also love the story of Fist of the North Star. There are many different forms of love and many scenes from the story make me realize that. Please look forward to Wildhorn-san’s music too! We will deliver you our best.

【Matsubara Rinko as Mamiya】

I believe a stage is only complete when there are people who watch it, and it keeps growing from the opening day to the final day. I can’t wait to see the journey we will go on together! The devastated world of the end of the century is a world where the strung hurt the weak and there is little freedom of body and mind. There is something in common with the world we currently live in. That’s why I hope you will be encouraged by each of the characters standing up to the world.

【Irei Kanata as Rei/Juza (taking turns for the roles)】

The original musical Fist of the North Sar was built up and destroyed over and over for two months, and was given love from everyone led by Ishimarusan! Each character struggles to live up to their own righteousness, shining like stars in the sky. I hope that something will reach your heart, even if it’s just one thing or one millimeter of it.

【Uehara Rio as Rei/Juza (taking turns for the roles)】

At last, the role premiere of the “Fist of the North Star” musical is about to begin. What will it be like? Even we feel the excitement of not knowing until the curtains are raised. I hope you will enjoy this entertainment closing the year 2021.

【Fukui Shouichi as Raoh (double cast)】

As a member of the generation who watched “Fist of the North Star” back when it was first broadcast, I can’t contain my excitement to be able to witness the moment when it is turned into a musical. Not only the fans of the original work but anyone experiencing the world of “Fist of the North Star” will be able to enjoy this stage. The stage set, sound, lighting, visuals, costumes, and all the other pieces finally come together to open the curtain for the world premiere. The last piece is you, the audience. I’ll be waiting at the theaters.

【Miyao Shuntarou as Raoh (double-cast)】

We’ve finally reached the opening day. The stage is filled with the many thoughts and passions of all the people involved in the production. I, Miyao Raoh, have been rehearsing every day with no regrets. I know it sounds cliche, but I’m sure we will be able to deliver a stage that will satisfy everyone.

Musical “Fist of North Star -Hokuto no Ken”

Period: Wednesday, December 8 – Wednesday, December 29, 2021
Place: Nissay Theater

Period: Saturday, January 8 / Sunday, January 9, 2021
12:30 pm / 5:30 pm on Saturday, January 8
12:30 pm on Sunday, January 9
Place: Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall
Host: Umeda Arts Theater / Kansai Television

Period: Saturday, January 15 / Sunday, January 16, 2021
12:30 pm / 5:30 pm on Saturday, January 15
12:30 pm on Sunday, January 16
Place: Aichi Prefectural Art Theater
Host: Chukyo TV.Broadcasting

Original Work: Manga “Fist of the North Star” (Author: Buronson Manga: Hara Tetsuo)
Music: Frank Wildhorn
Staging: Ishimaru Sachiko
Script/Lyrics: Takahashi Ako
Choreography: Tsujimoto Tomohiko / Yang An
Cooperation with Coamix Co., Ltd.
Host: Horipro / Hakuhodo DY Media Partners / Ranspace / e+
Planning and Production: Horipro

Kenshiro: Oonuki Yuusuke
Yuria: Hirahara Ayaka / May’n (double-cast)
Toki: Katou Kazuki / Onoda Ryuunosuke (double-cast)
Shin: Uehara Takuya / Ueida Kandai (double-cast)
Ryuken and others : Kawaguchi Tatsuya
Tou / Toyo: Shirahane Yuri
Mamiya: Matsubara Rinko
Rei / Juza: Irei Katnata / Uehara Riou (taking turns for the roles)
Raoh: Fukui Shouichi / Miyao Shuntarou (double-cast)
and more

(C) Buronson, Hara Tetsuo / Coamix 1983 Copyright License GS-111