A examination to determine a fan’s love for 『Evangelion』 with resume paper,「Eva Love No.1 Championship~Me and Evangelion~」, was decided to be held.Winner gets the right to view 『Shin Evangelion』 ASAP which is planned to air on June 2020.

「Eva Love No.1 Championship~Me and Evangelion~」is a project formed by the 30-min program that only announce『Evangelion』information called『NERV Sales Department 4thBS Branch Office』(BS NTV).A project made to determine who’s the one that has the most “Eva Love” among all Eva lovers and fans across the globe.

The examination require Eva fans to write their history with Eva in the form of a resume namely “Eva Resume”, along with a composition where fans could write anything they wish to show their love for Eva. To achieve the No.1 spot, your work will have to gain recognition through a strict evaluation by the producer and director of 『NERV Sales Department 4thBS Branch Office』along with the advertisement team staffs of 『Evangelion』.
For that, the brimming No.1 Eva Fan will get an “Early viewing right” of the
『Shin Evangelion』movie that was planned for screening to the general public on June 2020.

「Eva Love No.1 Championship~Me and Evangelion~」recruitment period starts from September 12 till November 17. The “Eva Resume” can be referred through the resume example written by 『NERV Sales Department 4thBS Branch Office』MC Sakura-Saki Inagaki that was publicly released. Further details can be found at the Official Program Website.

「Eva Love No.1 Championship~Me and Evangelion~」
<Application Guidelines>
◇Documents to Submit(1):Eva Resume「First contact with Evangelion」、「Why do you like Evangelion?」Please submit your Eva fan history in a resume.
※Mandatory Information Name, Address, Mail Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth(Age), Optional:Family Description、Occupation
◇Documents to Submit(2):Handwritten Composition Title:「Me and Evangelion」Spell your love for Eva with your “handwriting” within 2 manuscript sheets with a at least 400 characters!
※Use commercially available writing papers。
<Recruitment Period>
September 12(Thu)~November 17(Sun)
※Deadline:November 17, 2019(Sun)With Valid Postmark
<Mailing Address>
〒105-8644 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1-6-1 NTV Tower 23F
BS NTV「Eva Love No.1 Championship~Me and Evangelion~」Secretariat
※Deadline:November 17, 2019(Sun)With Valid Postmark
※In addition to mailing to the above address during the recruitment period, others include
will have a temporary program post set up at the two stores, so you can post it there.