From the brand that incorporates the world from the 『Evangelion』series onto a work bag 「A.T.FIELD EVANGELION WORK」, comes a new bag known as「Seamless Work Bag 10L」which will be available for sale from the 9th of September 2019. The work bag was created with the motive of replicating the toughness of an 「A.T.Field」from the series.

「Seamless Work Bag 10L」 is made with a high water resistance material, with Tarpaulin as the fabric, a tough bag where water and dirt can never pass through. Other than just for work use, it can also be used as a town, fitness, sports or outdoor bag.
Any water or dirt from the outside can never pass through, while dirty shirts or tools can also be held within as it is a seamless bag.
Any filth on the outside and inside can be cleaned with just water, always keeping it clean and usable.
The bag has a large opening to make it easier to put things in and out, while its also a roll down type which prevents any rainwater from entering.

「A.T.FIELD Seamless Work Bag 10L」Unit 01 Model/Unit 02 Model will both be available for purchase on the 9th of September.

■Product Information
Product Name:A.T.FIELD Seamless Work Bag 10L Unit 01 Model/Unit 02 Model
Release Date:9th of September 2019
Fixed Price:3,800¥(Tax Inclusive)
Size:(Estimated)Width 420(Opening Part)/320(Bottom)×Height 330×Depth 170mm(When Sealed)
Selling Agency: Kakuri Industry Co. Ltd
Production Agency: Morito Japan Co. Ltd
Sales Outlet:
Coming to other Work Equipment Shops, Home Centers, Selected Shops and EC Sites soon.。