Collaboration between “ Shonen Jump ” x “ Marvel Comics ” has been announced .Creator of “ Yu-Gi-Oh! ”, Takahashi Kazuki and other artists draw characters from Marvel Comics such as “ Iron Man ” and “ Spider-Man ”. The manga has been drawn and has been released since Sept. 3, 2019, on “Shonen Jump +”

This collaboration is happening because of mutual affection between many Japan’s manga artists and “Shonen Jump +” Editorial Department who love Marvel Characters , and “Marvel Comics” Chief Editor, CB Cebulski, who is a big fan of Japanese manga.“Yu
-Gi-Oh! ” ‘s Takahashi Kazuki draws Iron Man and Spider-Man in full color, making him an ultra-fine co-star between Japanese manga and American comics.

<Below Is The Full Commentary>
◆ Marvel Comics’ Chief Editor, CB Cebulski
“Shonen Jump has created a series of iconic serial works, such as ” DRAGON BALL “, “SLAM DUNK “, ” ONE PIECE “, “NARUTO ” And ‘ My Hero Academia ”, which are world-renowned monumental works in the manga industry.

Jump’s philosophy to create a story that includes actions centered on characters along with top-class creators which is supported by readers of all ages, I can not imagine a better platform for Marvel characters to play an active role in Japan.It is a big pleasure for us to work together with “Shonen Jump” editorial department and wonderful manga artists who love Marvel! ”

◆” Shonen Jump + “Chief Editor, Hosono Shuhei
” I first heard about this collaboration when I was waiting for “Avengers / End Game” ( (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Captain Marvel also.)

As a big Marvel fan myself, I am very pleased to finally be able to present this collaboration project to our readers.Along with “ Shonen Jump ” manga artists who have the same passion toward Marvel just like me, please enjoy our upcoming new works! ”

[Collaboration work release schedule]

◆ Tuesday, Sept. 3. Takeshi Sakurai” Interview With MARVEL’s Chief Editor for the Upcoming MARVELXShonen Jump Collaboration! ”
An exploratory manga report called” Let’s do Something Interesting in “Shonen Jump”! “. In order to find out the secrets of Marvel’s work that has been making a huge hit in the world, We interviewed Marvel’s Chief Director onrush!

◆ Wednesday, Sept. 4.Takahashi Kazuki “ SECRET REVERSE ” Part 1
Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Peter Parker (Spider-Man) who came to Japan after being invited to a game convention! Something that has been waiting for them at the venue is …!?

◆ Wednesday, Sept. 18. Mizuno Hachi 『Avengers: Gag Reel』
「MARVEL de Nichijou-kei Honobono / Daily Life in Marvel」 manga! Perfect for beginners who don’t know much about Marvel! Relax your body and enjoy!

◆ Wednesday, Oct. 2. Kanno Ken Avengers: Interview With Heroes
‘ ‘TV program crew closely interviews Avengers’ members! On the other hand, there is also the chief of evil organizations who escaped from prison cells …!?

Wednesday, Oct. 16. Author: Kasama Sanshiro / Artist: Uesugi Hikari “Deadpool: SAMURAI (unofficial)”
The irresponsible hero, “DEADPOOL”, is also participating in MARVELXShonen Jump Collab !? 33 pages of his mischief! New artists combination “Kasama & Uesugi” of “Shonen Jump +”, will present a messed up Marvel historical drama!

◆ Wednesday, Oct 20. mato “Halloween Avengers”
Iron Man and Doctor Strange, assemble in Halloween Town!

◆ Wednesday, Nov. 13. Haneda Toyota “Antman + (unofficial)”
“I’m now flying in the sky of Japan in order to save My Daughter. “Antman who “Has A Criminal Record, A Daughter, Is Divorced And His Friends Are Ants”, Is Worried About His Daughter Who Is Going To Japan For A Student Exchange … !?

◆ Wednesday, Nov. 27. Takahashi Kazuki “SECRET REVERSE” Part 2
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