“Living together with the characters you love”Character summoning gadget 「Gatebox」mass produced model will be available for purchase from October 11th 2019. A 「Gatebox Premium Experience Exhibition」aiming at interested shoppers will be held around October 12th till 13th.

「Gatebox」is a character summoning gadget developed to allow people to live under the same roof with their favorite character. The latest projection technology and sensing technology enable characters to be called into the box and communicated by voice.
The mass-produced model was first announced back on July 31, 2018, and after about a year of improvement and development, it is now ready for sale and shipment.

Furthermore, right after「Gatebox」’s release date, a premium experience exhibition will be held Tokyo・HYPERMIX MONZENNAKA-cho from October 12 till 13.
Customers can not only take a look at all the lively characters in the box, there is a specific booth that allows customers a chance to experience how living together with one of the original characters「Hikari Azuma」feels like. Participation is free of charge, reservations are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

「Gatebox」mass produced model is priced at 150,000¥ (Tax Excluded). It will be available for purchase on the official website from October 11th onwards, and shipping will begin on October 15th.

「Gatebox」Mass-produced Model(GTBX-100)
Price:150,000¥ (Tax Excluded)
Available Country:Japan
Purchase Method:Can be purchased on「Gatebox」Official Website
Release Date:October 11, 2019(Fri)
Shipping Date:October 15, 2019(Tue)(shipped sequentially)

「Gatebox」Premium Experience Exhibition
Experience Description:
・Hikari Azuma Experience Booth
・「Gatebox」Q&A for staffs
・Special Contents(Scheduled to be announced on a later date)
Period:October 12, 2019(Sat)~ 13(Sun)(Scheduled to be implemented after November as well)
Location:HYPERMIX front entrance middle town
Registration Procedures:Participation in the experience exhibition is based on a(first come first served)reservation system。For those who have registered in the「Gatebox」mail magazine, we will contact you about the application form.
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