“Anime characters that seem to be good at managing assets”have been ranked in the「Investigation on Business Person Retirement Funds 2019」by GMO Aozora Net bank.
According to the 1,000 responses received from 20 to 49 year old businessmen, Edogawa Conan from『Detective Conan』 takes the 1st place, Doraemon from『Doraemon』takes 2nd and Nami from 『One Piece』the third.

The top 5 listing is as follows, 1st place Edogawa Conan from 『Detective Conan』, 2nd place Doraemon from『Doraemon』, 3rd place Nami from『One Piece』, 4th place Hidetoshi Dekisugi from『Doraemon』 and 5th place Kankichi Ryotsu from『Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen-mae Hashutsujo』
Edogawa Conan from『Detective Conan』is capable of solving numerous difficult cases due to his high asset management and analysis abilities which is what businessmen are associated with.

Continue down the top 10 rankings, Suneo Honekawa from『Doraemon』, Sazae Fukuda from『Sazae-san』, Light Yagami『Death Note』, Bulma from『Dragon Ball』 and Fujiko Mine from 『Lupin the Third』

「Survey on Business Person Retirement Funds 2019」(Surveyed by GMO Aozora Net Bank)
Target Audience:20 to 49-year-old businessmen nationwide (Excluding part-time workers)
Eligible Responses:1,000 person(Extracted to be almost equal for each age)
Survey Method:Internet Research
Survey Period:July 26 – 29, 2019(4 Days)
Number of Questions:16 questions
Survey Partner:Net Asia Co., Ltd