The Vila Amalka series with Jan Švankmajer supervising the production, the Czech animation has a special event “Czech anime autumn night’s night festival” in a small theatre “Yujiku Asagaya” starting from the 14th of September.

The Czech Anime Night in Autumn Festival in Yujiku Asagaya has a saying of “In autumn throughout the night we watch Czech anime” which is trying to become a regular practice/custom.

This time, Czech children’s favorite shows from “Oyasumi/Goodnight Anime” take up the center of attention, with over 28 programs and over 160 works screening. Besides that, there are some less known works screening, ranging from surreal and comedy anime, unbearably scary anime to artistic doll anime, “Disney of the East” are these anime called, offering a variety of works at its’ lineup.

Also during this period, you will be able to buy merchandise in the lobby, as well as the majority of the events will be held there. “Men who dedicate their life for the Czech anime” a slogan by At Arms, a behind the scenes talk show which will be held after the screening of the movie. When you buy the tickets, for each individual if you can get a stamp 3 times, you can get a present by being a part of the lotteryAlso, you can enjoy Yujuku Asagaya’s famous arts works on black board (Japanese white board). Don’t miss your chance.

The Czech Anime Night in Autumn Festival will be going on for 2 weeks from September 14th and till September 27th.
The ticket price is 1300 yen per person, 1100 yen for students and seniors, for company members/workers it’s 1000 yen and for elementary students the price is 600 yen.
For details of the works that will be presented, you can visit the official website of Yujiku Asagaya.

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