“Monthly Hobby JAPAN March 2023 Issue,” featuring “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury” and the “Brave Series” including “Brave Exkaiser,” is on sale in bookstores nationwide starting from January 25, 2023.

In addition to the instruction of the latest model kits from “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury,” the March issue features an easy-to-follow introduction to painting, crafting, photography, and other ways to enjoy model kits for entry-level users who started their creation with “The Witch from Mercury.”

Moreover, the magazine introduces the creation example of “Gundam Aerial (equipped with Mirasoul’s Flight Unit)” by professional plastic model creator Rikka on the front of the issue.
The work is an integrated update of the original plastic model, with proportion adjustments and several other intricate craftings.

In addition, it looks back at the history of the Brave Series and features four manufacturers that actively develop three-dimensional items of the series today. The main products from each manufacturer are introduced with examples of plastic model kits and interviews with the development staff.

The first model in this feature is “Da-Garn X,” the main character of “The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn.” Professional plastic model creator urahana3 is in charge of its production. While taking advantage of the originality of the kit, urahana3 carefully processed the surfaces and added details to each part to achieve a more beautiful finish.

Other creation examples include “Engage SR1 (Limited Edition)” from “The Five Star Stories,” which is a limited edition kit for Volks GL/VS/VIP members. Utilizing the pearl coat plating specification, which is difficult to achieve by individual painting, along with partially painting other parts, makes the work look even more attractive with pearl coat plating.

In addition, the March issue’s separate-volume supplement, “Brave Series Toy Chronicle,” is a 100-all-colored-page book featuring items from five manufacturers that currently offer Brave Robot toys. For example, it introduces Takara’s (now Takara Tomy) “Brave Robot Combination Series,” the origin of the Brave Robot Toys. It also includes interviews with the development staff of Takara Tomy’s Brave series, giving the reader an image of the variety of the Brave Robot toys, starting from the origin and expanding to three-dimensional expression.

“Monthly Hobby JAPAN March 2023 Issue” will be on sale in bookstores nationwide from January 25.

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