The first trailer from the TV anime “My Home Hero” has been released. The opening theme is “Ai no Uta” by Fujikawa Chiai, and the ending is “Decided” by Dizzy Sunfist. Both artists commented on their enthusiasm for the project.

“My Home Hero” is a “roller-coaster” crime suspense based on a comic written by Yamakawa Naoki, known for “I’m Standing on a Million Lives” and Asaki Masashi, known for “Psychometrer” and “Debusen.” The manga is currently serialized in “Young Magazine.”
The story centers around Tosu Tetsuo, a 47-year-old businessman who one day finds a beating on his daughter’s face, and begins a fight for his life and intellect against the fiercest members of the underworld.

The original work has sold more than 2.2 million copies (including electronic copies,) and the TV anime will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS Nippon TV from April 2023.

The trailer released this time shows Tetsuo, a father who has killed a man to protect his daughter and has stepped into the underworld from his happy-go-lucky life with a family, pursued by many fierce enemies. The voices of the characters, including Miki Shinichiro, who plays Matori Yoshitatsu, were also unveiled for the first time.

Information on the opening and ending themes for the anime has also been announced. The opening theme will be “Ai no Uta” by Fujikawa Chiai, and the ending will be “Decided” by Dizzy Sunfist. Both artists commented on their enthusiasm for taking charge of the theme songs for the anime.

The TV anime “My Home Hero” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS Nippon TV from April 2023. More information will be released soon.

【Fujikawa Chiai】

As a singer, I sing and shout about love every day. However, when I first read “My Home Hero,” I was struck by the question, “What is love?”
I remember immersing myself in the comic, seeing myself in the characters who have been swallowed by a love that was not only beautiful but also distorted. At the same time, when “My Home Hero” was made into an anime or TV drama, I secretly wished I could write the theme song for it.
After time has passed, I am delighted to have been fortunate enough to be involved in the theme song.
In the lyrics of the theme song “Ai no Uta,” I sang that God is cruel, but I think that if somewhere God was watching my love for “My Home Hero,” God is actually kind and generous, and I should apologize and thank Him someday.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to be involved in this work.

【Ayapeta (Dizzy Sunfist)】

As a mother of one child, there were many scenes where my feelings overlapped with those of the main character.
In particular, I sympathized so much with his love for his daughter.
I created the melody and lyrics by imagining the strength and conflict of the characters to protect their precious things, which no one can defeat.
No matter how weak we are, we can be fearless if we have something to protect.
The band members had been reading “My Home Hero” before we were told about this project, so we are overjoyed and excited!
I’m certain that the ending theme will make the best anime even better, so please, everyone, enjoy it all the way to the ending!

© Yamakawa Naoki・Asaki Masashi・Kodansha/ “My Home Hero” Production Committee