Voice actor Kenn, known for his roles including Yotsuba Tamaki from “IDOLiSH7,” David Martinez from “Cyberpunk Edgerunners,” and more, started an Instagram account on January 11, 2023. Many fans expressed their delight.

KENN is a voice actor who has played numerous anime characters, including Yugi Jyudai from “Yu-Gi-Oh! GX,” Ronald Knox from “Kuroshitsuji,” Nanba Hibito from “Uchuu Kyoudai,” Kanbara Akihito from “Kyoukai no Kanata,” Alex K. Stewart from “Terra Formars,” Satsuki Aoi from “Tsukiuta,” Yotsuba Tamaki from “IDOLiSH7,” Leopold Vermillion from “Black Clover,” Aido Seiya from “I-chu,” and David Martinez from “Cyberpunk Edgerunners.” In addition to these anime roles, he also played Fuji Yuuta in “Musical: The Prince of Tennis.”

On January 11, 2023, Kenn opened a new Instagram account and posted a New Year’s greeting that said: “It’s Kenn! Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support last year, and thank you in advance for your continuous support in 2023!”
The manager of Zynchro, an agency owned by Kakihara Tetsuya and to which Kenn belongs, also posted the following message on his Instagram account: “Kenn has now opened his Instagram account! Please go follow and check it out!” He uploaded a photo of KENN taking a selfie along with the message.

Kenn’s overjoyed fans posted comments non-stop to the posts by Kenn and the manager of Zynchro: “Kenn is now an Instagrammer! Congrats!” “I have been waiting for this!” “I’m so happy you opened an Instagram account!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait for your next post!” “Thank you so much for posting a super hot selfie!” “What a cute selfie! Your selfie is so rare!” “Kenn taking a selfie…so cute!”