Fall anime ‘Play It Cool, Guys’ released the outline and preview scene cuts for episode 2, ‘Futami Shun.’ The broadcast starts on Monday, October 17.

The original work of ‘Play It Cool, Guys’ is a “clumsy” comedy manga by Kokone Nata that is serialized on ‘Gangan pixiv.’
The story is about boys who seem cool and hard to approach but are a little clumsy. It shows a slice of their lives as they “play it cool” despite their clumsiness.

The title for episode 2 is ‘Futami Shun.’
Futami Shun is a good-looking high school boy who excels at all types of sports. Due to his hardworking and competitive character, he likes to play it cool even when he makes a mistake.
However, he is also a little clumsy. At the last ballgame tournament in high school life, he repeatedly makes clumsy mistakes while greatly contributing to his team. Although people around him, including his sister Asami who runs a cafe, see it “adorable,” he doesn’t seem happy about it.

‘Play It Cool, Guys’ episode 2 ‘Futami Shun’ starts airing on October 17 on TV Tokyo and other stations.

© Kokone Nata, SQUARE ENIX, ‘Play It Cool, Guys’ Production Committee