It was announced that the latest film of the anime “One Piece”, “One Piece Film Red” has attracted more than 10 million audience in the first 38 days. Also, the comments from the original author Oda Eiichiro regarding the “UTA Live in Theatres ‘Voice-less Cheer Screening'” that had started from September 10, have been revealed.

“One Piece” started being serialized on “Weekly Shonen Jump” since July 1997, and it is an epic sea adventure Shonen manga by Oda Eiichiro. This is a popular work that has various media mix developments, production of affiliated goods, as well as endless affiliated events. The anime had achieved its 1000th episode in 2021, and the manga had also released its 100th volume. This series has welcomed its 25th anniversary on July 22, 2022. “One Piece Film Red” is the latest film that was released on August 6, 2022, and it depicts the adventure that started when the shocking truth that the diva Uta, who is loved by worldwide, is “Shanks’ daughter.

After the film was premiered on August 6, it started off with a blast with a total of 1.57 million audiences and a box office revenue of 2.25 billion JPY on the first two days. The momentum still remain strong despite the O-bon festival holiday has ended, and on the 20th day, which is on August 25, it has recorded a box office revenue of 10 billion JPY.
And this time, after it has been premiered for 38 days, this film has attracted more than 10 million audiences.

It was revealed that the “‘One Piece” Comic -The Fourth Billion ‘Red’- Encore” will be distributed from September 17 as the 4th entrance novelty. This is the reprint edition of the 1st entrance novelty that has run out of stock in a short period of time, with a new cover.

It has also been announced that the 5th to 7th entrance novelty will be distributed from October and the release of new film’s goods, which will surely increase the excitement toward this film. With this, a lot of expectation is put on its future achievements.

Also, “UTA Live in Theatres ‘Voice-less Cheer Screening'” has started from September 10. Regarding this trending “Voice-less Cheer Screening” that allowed the audience to enjoy Uta’s concert as if they are at the setting of the film, Elegia, the original author Oda Eiichiro commented “I always wanted to do that with One Piece… When I was thinking about that, I came out with a perfect film for it. You don’t want to let other to see your flustered side…? Haha. Then, do watch it by yourselves. As your companion is at the film (Elegia).” Along with the regular screening, why don’t you try out the cheer screening as well?

“One Piece Film Red” is currently available at the theatres.

(C) Oda Eiichiro/ 2022 “One Piece” Production Committee