The 3rd trailer of the latest “One Piece” anime film, “ONE PIECE FILM RED” has been released. It closes in on the truth behind the parting of father and daughter; Shanks and Uta, and Uta’s hope and resolutions through the songs “Tot Musica” and “Sekai no Tsuzuki” from the film.

The newly released 3rd trailer closes in on the truth behind the parting of father and daughter; Shanks and Uta, and Uta’s hope and resolution, wishing for a “new age”. For those who haven’t watched the film yet, it will build even more anticipation for the story to be told, and for those who have already watched the film, it will bring back the impact and excitement of the film making them want to watch it again.

Uta used to go on adventures with her father, Shanks, as the musician of the Red Hair Pirates. Her singing voice has the power to bring happiness to those who listen, and Shanks and the crew cherished her singing. However, an incident leads to a sudden separation between Uta and Shanks. Uta is betrayed by her father and friends who she trusted, and Shanks leaves his daughter’s side wishing for her happiness.

Time passed with their feelings left divided, and the time came for Uta, now the world’s most beloved diva, to appear in front of an audience for her first live concert. Uta, who wishes for the happiness of the world continues to sing for the “new range” she believes in, is gradually driven mad by the power of her own singing voice, and things take an unexpected turn. When the feelings of Uta, Luffy, and Shanks intersect, the story reaches a touching conclusion. The trailer depicts Uta’s hopes and resolve for a “new era” along with the songs “Tot Musica” and “Sekai no Tsuzuki”, and shows a glimpse of the charm of this work that beautifully interlinks heart-rending music and an inspiring story. Where will Uta’s pure wish to make the world happy through song lead to? What is the end Red Hair will bring upon? Let’s witness this touching story spun together with music.

“ONE PIECE FILM RED” is currently in theaters.

(C) Oda Eiichiro / 2022 “One Piece” Production Committee