The heroines from the Shojo Manga “Nana” the cool Nana, and the lovely Hachi come to life as 1/8 scale figures. The release is set to July 2023.

“Nana” by Yazawa Ai started serialization in 2000 at “Cookie” (Shueisha). The series was adapted into live action movies in 2005 and 2006, and into an anime in 2006. Due to an illness from the author the manga was put into hiatus since 2009, however with the inauguration of the “ALL TIME BEST Ai Yazawa Exhibition”, running from July 20th to August 8th, many fans are relieving the joy from the old days.

From the series, the two heroines “Osaki Nana” and “Komatsu Nana” are being released as figures. Nana has been recreated from the illustration from the third year February issue of the “Cookie” magazine. Her accessories and clothing are replicated with fidelity. The fishnets leg are made of real cloth, adding a touch of realism to the figure.

Hachi’s figure is based on the the illustration from the second year December issue of the “Cookie” magazine. While Nana has roses attached to her pedestal, Hachi comes with sunflowers expressing her gentle nature.

The figures are priced at 21,450JPY(tax included) each, with release scheduled for July 2023. Orders are available at the online figure site “Ami Ami”, among others. Make sure to grab your enjoy the two characters.