TSUTAYA exclusive goods featuring illustrations and scenes of popular works from “Ribon” in the 1990s, “Neighborhood Story”, “Kodomo no Omocha”, “Hime-chan’s Ribbon”, and “Marmalade Boy”, will be released on October 15, 2021.

For “bande Masking Tape”, the tape can be stripped off piece by piece just like a sticker, with each piece featuring a different famous scene that will bring back memories. “Small Tote” has a right size for pocket books, CD albums, and long wallets. Such cute size will be perfect for an informal outing and the office.

“Miniature Book Key Chain” has an old-fashioned “mamehon key chain” style and features each work’s comic front cover. The inside can be used as a tiny notebook. A5-sized “Trading Clear Folder” features the comic front covers and famous scenes of “Neighborhood Story”, “Kodomo no Omocha”, “Hime-chan’s Ribbon”, and “Marmalade Boy”, and available in 12 designs with options of single or BOX.

The prices including tax are as follows; “bande Masking Tape” – 685 JPY each, “SmallTote” – 1,320 JPY each, “Miniature Book Key Chain” – 825 JPY each, and “Trading Clear Folder” – Single 495 JPY each/ BOX 5,940 JPY. Please visit the TSUTAYA information webpage for product details and a list of stores that carry them.

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