The pre-orders for the original goods from the collaboration between the anime “Evangelion” series and Sanrio’s “Cinnamoroll” have started at the collaboration goods shopping website “ARMA BIANCA”.

“Evangelion” series started with the broadcast of the TV animation “Neon Genesis Evangelion” in 1995, followed by the various media developments, such as manga, film, and games. It is an anime work that had caused a big storm.
The animation film “Rebuild of Evangelion” series started off in 2007. The latest film “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time.” following the story from “1.0 You Are (Not) Alone.”, “2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.”, and “3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.”, was released in 2021, and the box office revenue of this film is 10.28 billion JPY, which is the highest in this series.

“Cinnamoroll” is a popular character that took the first place in the recently held “2022 Sanrio Character Grand Prize”, and it has taken the top for 3 consecutive years.

“Evangelion X Cinnamoroll” features the chibi images of “Eva” characters wearing the ears of Cinnamoroll and Cinnamoroll cosplaying as Evangelion. A total of 8 goods are available and it was created with the concept of being useful in our daily life as well as to draw out the cuteness of the characters.

“Trading Acrylic Yura Yura Acrylic Keyholder” features the illustration of Ikari Shinji, Ayanami Rei, Asuka Langley, Makinami Mari Illustrious, Nagisa Kaoru, and Cinnamoroll along with their representative color.
You can enjoy your daily life with the characters, just by attaching it to your bag or accessories, or just by arranging them together in your room. A total of 13 designs are available and it all comes with a ballchain. The single price is 880 JPY (tax included) while the box price is 11,440 JPY (tax included).

“Trading Acrylic Standing Signboard-style Memo Stand” is a stand that features the same illustration as the acrylic keyholder. It has the design of a standing signboard with a clip in the inner side, and it can be used to hold your memo together. It is also designed to be a useful goods on your tabletop. This goods is also available in 13 designs and the single price is 770 JPY (tax included) while the box price is 10,010 JPY (tax included).

The “T-shirts”, “Hoodie”, “Mug”, and “Ballpen” comes in 2 designs, which are “Shinji & Cinnamoroll” and “Cinnamonroll & Kaoru”. The “T-shirts” has a standard and stylish design that you can wear in any situations, such as in our daily life or on a special day. The price is 4,180 JPY (tax included) each.

“Hoodie” is a simple blue non-zipper type that you can wear in the house or going out. The price is 6,578 JPY (tax included) each.

“Mug” is a slightly large mug that you can fill with a large volume of drinks. It can be used in the house as well as at the office, and the price is 1,650 JPY (tax included).
“Ballpen” has a simple design that allows you to see the overall illustration as well as allowing you to enjoy the work’s world setting on your hand. The price is 715 JPY (tax included) each.

“A3 Matte Poster” has a total of 3 designs, which are Cinnamoroll ver., and two versions (A & B) of the full members (Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Mari, and Kaoru). The price is 880 JPY (tax included) each.
“Canvas Board (All Members)” features one of the version of the full members and it depicts the cuteness of the characters with the sweets. The price is 5,500 JPY (tax included).

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