The movie “Sono Koe no Anata e,” which depicts the trajectory of the voice acting industry through the life of voice actor Utsumi Kenji, will be released in theaters on September 30, 2022. The first batch of cast members announced for the film includes Shibata Hidekatsu, Hazama Michio, Nozawa Masako, Kamiya Akira, and Toda Keiko.

“Animation” is a representative of Japanese culture, and voice acting is one of the professions attracting a lot of attention that supports the field of anime creation. It is said that as many as 300,000 people aspire to become voice actors, making it one of the most popular occupations in modern times in Japan.

In the history of the voice acting industry, Utsumi Kenji has left behind many masterpieces and remarkable words, and has led the industry with his strong character and acting ability since its early days.
He played Raoh in “Fist of the North Star,” Norimaki Senbei in “Dr. Slump Arale-chan,” and Alex Louis Armstrong in “Fullmetal Alchemist,” and was always at the forefront of voice acting. He passed away in June 2013, being mourned by many persons. The news of Utsumi’s demise was a great shock and sadness not only to his fans and the world of voice actors but also to all sectors of the industry.

This time, a documentary film, “Sono Koe no Anata e,” which follows the work and accomplishments of Utsumi, has been completed. The release date is scheduled for September 30, 2022.
This documentary film traces the life of “Utsumi Kenji” and the transition of the voice acting profession through the testimonies of voice actors who knew Utsumi well.

The film is composed of interviews and dramas by the voice actors. The words spoken by many voice actors are like historical testimonies, while at the same time, they are “real voices” that resonate in the present.

The film has also announced Shibata Hidekatsu, Hazama Michio, Nozawa Masako, Kamiya Akira, and Toda Keiko as voice actors who will appear as witnesses. The director, Sakakibara Yusuke, a young next-generation director who creates fiction and documentary films, has created the film from a thoughtful and gentle perspective.
This film is produced with the full cooperation of “Animate Times,” an anime-related information distribution site. It is an entirely new film born from the media.

The movie “Sono Koe no Anata e” will be released on September 30, 2022. Stay tuned for further information, including other cast members.

(C) Movie “Sono Koe no Anata e” Production Committee