Collaboration products between Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga “Chainsaw Man”, which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”, and “Shiraito Brewery”, a sake brewery in Amanohashidate, have been released on the official website from May 21st.

“Chainsaw Man” is a dark hero action manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, an author known for “Fire Punch” and “Look Back”. Exceeding the total circulation of 12 million, the manga has got the first place in the male category of “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2021” and the “66th Shogakukan Manga Award”. An anime adaptation is scheduled for 2022 under the production of MAPPA.

The main character is Denji, a boy who spends his rock-bottom days as a devil hunter to repay the debt left by his parents. After being betrayed and killed, he signs a contract with Pochita, the “devil of chainsaw” who lives with him, and is revived as a “chainsaw man” with a devil’s heart.

The collaboration products released this time include “Colorful Mini Mints,” “Sugar Candy,” and “Yuzu Citrus Soda”.
The “Colorful Mini Mints” are packaged in a small box and are available in 2 versions: a stylish acrylic box and a fragrant cypress box.

The “Sugar Candy” is a traditional confectionery in the shape of old-fashioned mini mints. Comes in a jar and three character stickers, it looks like colorful jewels.
The refreshing “Soda” is made using Yuzu citrus, a specialty of Kyoto. An order comes with a set of 2 with different designs and a special character coaster.

Each product is in a box or bottle designed with the characters, including Denji, Makima, Aki Hayakawa, Power, and Himeno.

The prices are 1,760 JPY (tax included) for “Colorful Mini Mints (Masu Box/Acrylic Color Box)”, 1,650 JPY for Bottled Sugar Candy (tax included), and 2,750 JPY (tax included) for “Kyoto’s Yuzu Citrus Soda (Set of 2 Bottles)”. All items are available on Shiraito Brewery’s official online store.

(C) Fujimoto Tatsuki / Shueisha