“Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time”, the spin-off anime of “Detective Conan”, will collaborate with PRONTO stores nationwide, selling collaboration drinks and pasta from April 22 to May 29, 2022, during café hours (excluding morning sales hours).

The original story of “Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time” has sold over 3 million copies in comics and is an official spinoff manga written by Arai Takahiro under the complete supervision of Aoyama Gousho, the author of “Detective Conan,” which has sold over 250 million copies worldwide.
It has been serialized in “Weekly Shōnen Sunday” from 2018, reflecting the daily life of Amuro Tooru, a man with three faces: public security, detective, and black-ops organization, that no one knows about.

The TV anime has been broadcast from April 4, 2022, with voice actor Furuya Tooru playing the role of Amuro Tooru from the anime “Detective Conan” and Tobita Nobuo continuing as Kazami Yuuya, a public safety police officer in the Public Safety Department of the Metropolitan Police Department. In addition, Han Megumi plays the role of Haro, a lost dog; Enomoto Mikiko plays Enomoto Azusa, a girl who works at the coffee shop Poirot, located downstairs from the Mori Detective Agency; and Todo Asako plays Kuriyama Midori, a secretary who supports Eri at the Kisaki Law Office.

The “‘Detective Conan: Zero no Nichijo’ x PRONTO” collaboration includes “Amuro Tooru’s Pumpkin Tea Latte” using pumpkin, which Enomoto Azusa ordered too much of in the original comics. The “Triple Face Citrus Tea” is inspired by the “Triple Face” of Amuro Tooru, the clerk at Cafe Poirot, Furuya Tooru, a member of the Public Safety Police, and Bourbon, a member of the black-ops organization.

The “Dog Haro’s Vanilla Latte” is inspired by the image of Haro, the dog who loves vanilla. “Zero’ Tea Time Neapolitan,” a familiar dish at Cafe Poirot. “Zero’s Tea Time Special Karasumi-style Pasta” filled with olive oil are dishes offered in a collaboration menu that matches the world view of the work.

In addition, customers who order the collaboration drink will receive a “Zero’s Tea Time x PRONTO Original Bonus Coaster,” and those who order the collaboration pasta will receive a “Zero’s Tea Time x PRONTO Original Bonus Acrylic Key Chain” at random per order.

During the collaboration period, “PRONTO Shibuya Fukuras Store” will open as the flagship store. The store will be decorated in the image of the well-known cafe Poirot and will feature a panel of Amuro Tooru and scenes from “Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time”.

The “’Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time’ x PRONTO” event will be held at PRONTO stores nationwide from April 22 to May 29 during cafe hours. For details, please visit the special webpage.

(C) Arai Takahiro, Aoyama Goosho/Shogakukan, “Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time” Production Committee