From “Tokyo Revengers”, “Slider”, featuring Takemichi, Mikey, and other characters, will be released. Pre-orders are currently available on “Animo”.

“Slider” is a puzzle to complete a drawing by sliding each piece of the drawing. The lineup consists of a total of 6 varieties, Hanagaki Takemichi, Sano Manjiro, Ryuguji Ken, Baji Keisuke, Matsuno Chifuyu, and Mitsuya Takashi.

“Slider 16 Tokyo Revengers (6 Designs)” is priced at 990 JPY (incl. tax). Pre-orders are currently available on “Animo”.

■Slider 16 Tokyo Revengers
Brand: “empty”
Sales Platform: Animo
Pre-order Period: November 5 – 15
Size: approx. 115×135mm
Price: 990 JPY (incl. tax)
Material: ABS

(C)Wakui Ken, Kodansha / Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee