The manga “On Air Dekinai!” that Mafune Kana, a BS TeleTo staff depicts “what’s behind the TV production” will be made into anime based on the episodes when she used to work as an Assistant Director at TV Tokyo Production Division! It will be aired on BS TeleTo, TV Tokyo, and AT-X from January 2022.

“On Air Dekinai!” is a hot work by Mafune Kana, a TV station insider, who depicts the surprising reality of “the job of “Assistant Director”, a job that we know something about, but don’t really know much about.”
In 2014, the main character, rookie AD Mafuneko, joins “Tokyo Hajikko Television” located in a corner of Tokyo, and is overwhelmed with humble and overly mysterious tasks such as “picking up 300 acorns” and “continuing to put mosaic on the ‘secret’ caught on camera.” The anime also depicts how Mafuneko aims to become a full-fledged worker in the TV business while surrounded by people from the world, such as a director with a sharp tongue and an overseas location director who defecates in a wok.

Along with the anime adaptation, the four cast members were also announced.
Taichi Yo will be playing as Mafuneko, Mamiya Yasuhiro will be playing as Director Onigawara, Sugiyama Riho will be playing as Yori-chan, and Hirose Yuya will be playing as Chief AD Yokoyama.
In addition, comments and commemorative illustrations have arrived from Taichi and the original writer.

“On Air Dekinai!” will be broadcast on BS TeleTo, TV Tokyo, and AT-X from January 2022.

<The full text of the comments is below>
Taichi Yo as Mafuneko

While reading the original manga, I felt like my heart was linked to Mafuneko, who must have chosen a different life from my own, and I was able to play the dialogue smoothly in my brain with my own voice.
As a result, I am very happy to have been entrusted with such a worthwhile character to play!
It’s full of the bare-naked cries of Mafune, who works hard behind the scenes of TV production.
The highlight of this short anime is the sense of speed that only a short anime can provide!
I’m sure you’ll want to root for Mafuneko too. Enjoy!

Original Writer Mafune Kana

[Program Title] TV Anime “On Air Dekinai!”
[Broadcast Station] BS TeleTo (BS 7ch) / BS TeleTo 4K (4K 7ch) Free broadcast nationwide
TV Tokyo
[Broadcast Date] Broadcast will start in January 2022!
[Original Story] Mafune Kana “On Air Dekinai!”
“On Air Dekinai! Deep” (published by Asahi Shimbun)
[Cast] Daichi Yo, Mamiya Yasuhiro, Sugiyama Riho, Hirose Yuya
[Director] Aoki Jun
[Ending Theme Song] Minato Izuki
[Animation Production] Jinnan Studio
Space Neko Company
[Production] On Air Dekinai! Production Committee

(C) Mafune Kana, TV TOKYO/ On Air Dekinai! Production Committee