‘EVANGELION’ x smartphone 3D action RPG ‘White Cat Project’ started a collaboration event from October 29th, 2021.

For this collaboration, they prepared a whole new scenario with Shinji Ikari playing an active part. Users can enjoy dialogues that are not in the original story. Depending on Shinji’s decisions, the story develops differently and could have interesting, unusual progressions.
In addition, if a user completes the main story (NORMAL level), they will receive a voucher to have Rei Ayanami join the journey. Completing special quests also allows users to get ‘Spear of Longinus’, a key item of ‘EVANGELION’.

Also, ‘Shinji Ikari (CV. Megumi Ogata)’, ‘Rei Ayanami (tentative name) (CV. Megumi Hayashibara)’, ‘Shikinami Asuka Langley (CV. Yuko Miyamura)’, ‘Makinami Mari Illustrious (CV. Maaya Sakamoto)’ and ‘Kaoru Nagisa (CV. Akira Ishida)’ will join the character Gacha as 3D models. There will be some must-see scenes where Evangelion unit 02 and unit 08 appear just like in the original anime.

‘White Cat Project’ x ‘EVANGELION’ collaboration event is held from 29th October, 4 pm until 30th November, 3:59 pm.
Visit the special webpage for more details.

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