The outline and sneak peek of episode 2 “Music -Reincarnation-” (Broadcast Date: October 13, 2021) of the fall anime “takt op.Destiny” have been released.

“takt op.Destiny” is an original anime of the new project “takt op.” that shows the battles of the young girls with the theme of classical music and it is created by the tag between MAPPA of “Jujutsu Kaisen” and MADHOUSE of “Summer Wars”.
The story takes place in a world revolving around the battle between the young girl who uses music as the power “Musicart” and their coordinator “Maestro” against the grotesque monster “D2”. This anime depicts the journey of the conductor “Takt” and the musicart “Destiny” as they headed to New York in the American wasteland of 2047.

The title of episode 2 is “Music -Reincarnation-“.
It all started 10 years ago. At the incident called “Tragedy of Boston”, where the concert hall is dyed in the blood due to the assault of the D2 in Boston.

During that incident, the popular conductor Asahina Kenji loses his life, and he is Takt’s actual father. After the young boy lost his father, he immersed himself in the piano alone. And even inserted anger in his music… His caretaker is the young girl “Corsette” who shares the same face as “Destiny”.

The broadcast of episode 2 “Music -Reincarnation-” of “takt op.Destiny” has started on October 13, on the 6 affiliated channels of TV Tokyo, BS TV Tokyo, and other channels.

Every Wednesday, at 12:00 AM, on the 6 Affiliated Channels of TV Tokyo and BS TV Tokyo, starting from October 6.

TV Tokyo: Every Wednesday, at 12:00 AM~
TV Osaka: Every Wednesday, at 12:00 AM~
TV Aichi: Every Wednesday, at 12:00 AM~
TV Hokkaido: Every Wednesday, at 12:00 AM~
TV Setouchi: Every Wednesday, at 12:00 AM~
TVQ Kyushuu: Every Wednesday, at 12:00 AM~
BS TV Tokyo: Every Wednesday, at 12:00 AM~

Amazon Prime Video: Every Wednesday, at 1:00 AM, starting from October 6. Fastest streaming service.

Original Creator: DeNA, Hiroi Ouji
Director: Itou Yuuki
Series Composition: Yoshimura Kiyoko
Original Character Design: LAM
Character Design: Nagasawa Reiko
Key Animation Director: Nagasawa Reiko, Kanno Toshiyuki
Action Director: Iwazawa Tooru
D2 Design: Harashina Daiki
Weapon Design: Maenami Takeshi
Art Supervision: Higashi Junichi
Art Director: Usami Tetsuya
Coloring: Suenaga Ayako
3DCG Model Director: Tamai Mahiro
3DCG Animation: Ono Hideki
Photography Director: Fushihara Akane
Editing: Kimura Kashiko
Music: Ike Yoshihiro
Sound Director: Gou Fumiyuki

Opening Theme: “takt” by ryo (supercell) feat. MafuMafu, gaku
Ending Theme: “SYMPHONIA” by Nakajima Mika

Asahina Takt: Uchiyama Kouki
Destiny: Wakayama Shion
Anna Schneider: Hondo Kaede
Titan: Itou Miku
Lenny: Hino Satoshi
Heaven: Minase Inori
Hell: Ueda Rena
Schindler: Namikawa Daisuke
Sagan: Hanawa Eiji

(C) DeNA/ takt op.Harmony