Air Cosplay, an association that holds cosplay events to connect the virtual and real worlds, has announced its collaboration with the figure festival ‘Wonder Festival 2021 Fall Online’ (scheduled for 10/9/2021).

To join ‘Wonder Festival x Air Cosplay’, users can post cosplay photos with the hashtags “#WF2021A” and “#エアコス”. The photos will be collected and posted automatically on ‘Air Cosplay’ official website.

As long as it sticks to the ‘Wonder Festival’ regulations, the photo can be a photo taken at past ‘Wonder Festival’, a photo they intend to take this time, a photo they plan to take in the future, a cosplay photo taken at home, or a photo of the costume by itself.

There will also be a special event, ‘Omoide no Wanfesu wo Katarou (My Favorite Wonder Festival)!’, allowing users to reunite with fellow users from the past festivals and share their memories.
A cosplayer supporting giveaway ‘See You at the Venue! Giveaway’ for the “real” festival next year will also take place along with the event.
Visit Air Cosplay Official Twitter for more details.