The original apparel brand “en.365°” produced by the voice actor Kaji Yuuki has released the apparel lineup of “en.365°” 2021 A/W. Pre-orders have started at 6:00 PM, on September 17, and the sale of the collaboration items with “CONVERSE TOKYO” that are limited in quantity, has started.

Kaji Yuuki is the voice actor known for the voice of Eren Yaeger from the TV anime “Attack on Titan”, Todoroki Shouto from “My Hero Academia”, etc.
“en.360°” is an original apparel brand that centers on Kaji’s “things that I want to wear”, and his personality and creativity are reflected on the design draft, material selection, and even the most detailed part.

The apparel lineup of 2021 A/W has been released and it consists of T-shirt, hoodie, lounge wear set, mini shoulder bag, front pouch, and mug.
The collaboration with “CONVERSE TOKYO” has also been decided and the sales of “en.365° X CONVERSE TOKYO Collaboration Outer” that are in limited quantity have started.

Also, there will be re-sale on the popular 2021 S/S apparels, where the pre-orders have started on the September 17 as well.

Along with the announcement on the 2021 A/W apparel products, the official website has undergone a renewal and it contains Kaji wearing the new apparel. An instant live will also be held on the official Instagram account, so do check this out along with the new apparel.