From “Tokyo Revengers”, limited time “Japan Revengers” posters have been on display at JR Tokyo Station from September 13. There is also a “local version” in which the characters in charge of each region speak as representatives of the country.

In addition to the main “Japan Revengers” poster lined with dignity, there are 47 “local version” posters featuring the characters of each region speaking as representatives of their region. The lines written in the dialect of each region are a must-see.

A Twitter hashtag campaign is also being held at the same time. If you tweet “#OrenoJimotogaSaikyo” on Twitter during the campaign period, you will receive a special poster. One person will receive a “Japan Revengers” B0 poster as a special prize, and 47 people will receive a “Japan Revengers” prefectural special B2 poster as a second prize.

In addition, a store campaign will be held from September 17 when the latest comic volume 24 goes on sale, so check the “Japan Revengers” special site for details.

(C) Wakui Ken, Kodansha