From “Blue Period”, which will become a TV anime adaptation in 2021, a teaser visual has been released. Also, it has been announced that Yoshida Reiko (“Violet Evergarden”) will be in charge of scenario writing, and Seven Arcs will handle animation production.

It is based on the same titled comic written by Yamaguchi Tsubasa, which is being serialized in ‘Monthly Afternoon’. The story depicts Yaguchi Yatora, a high school student, throwing himself into the world of art, which is beautiful but also harsh, and deciding that he gets into an art collage.

The teaser visual released features the protagonist Yaguchi Yatora, facing a canvas at Shibuya Crossing in the early morning, with impressive blue color.

The general director will be Masunari Koji (“Welcome to the Space Show” “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic” etc.), the director will be Asano Katsuya, the series composition and scenario will be handled by Yoshida Reiko (“Violet Evergarden” “K-On!” etc.), character design will be handled by Shitaya Tomoyuki (“Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma” “Afterlost” etc.), and animation production will be handled by Seven Arcs (“Magical girl lyrical Nanoha”).
The staff members left comments for TV anime adaptation.

The TV anime “Blue Period” will be on air in 2021. Further information, including cast members and broadcasting date, will be coming soon.

Masunari Koji as general director
Young people struggling look beautiful.
Their heart’s cry is uncool but cool.
And, Blue Period is hot!

Asano Katsuya as director
Paintings have a possibility of conveying something that words or sentences cannot.
Where there’s a will, anyone can do painting.
I hope you get interested in painting through this work,.

Yoshida Reiko as series composition and scenario
This work makes me feel like taking my heavy armor off, and bursting into a run.
I hope you feel a pain and shine of blue period.

(C)Yamaguchi Tsubasa, Kodansha / Blue Period Production Committee