This year went by in a blink, and we only have 4 months left in 2021. The hectic period is coming for Halloween, school festivals, Christmas, the end of the year, etc. Time flies and the next minute, we will be in 2022. I hope we get prepared for next year ahead of time.

In this article, we will introduce the list of “Diary 2022” featuring anime and games. All the items combine function and design perfect for everyday use, so I hope you can find your buddy in 2022.

“Sailor Moon”

Under the concept of “anniversary party”, the items are available in 2 designs: ‘Compact Patterns’ and ‘Star Patterns’.

The cover has a sophisticated design that casually shows the world view of the work, and is made with high-quality material that comfortably adapts to the hand. The shining small metal charm makes the design look even more luxurious. As a pocket for business cards and pen holder are attached, this item is perfect for both business and everyday use.

“Make-up Diary 2022 Original Drawing Edition” with a cover featuring the beautiful and subtle original drawing of Sailor Moon.

The cover is made with sophisticated materials in a “pink gold color” that has a beautiful sheen. The foil-stamping of the title and the charm of the Spiral Heart Moon Rod arranged in an antique style are shining on the center part.

For the 2022 diary, “Ruler & Clip Set” featuring a cute illustration by Takeuchi Naoko-sensei will be included. The 12cm ruler that perfectly fits in the cover and clip suitable for a bookmaker will be useful for managing your schedule .

“Disney: Twisted-Wonderland”

The items are available in a total of 7 designs inspired by each dorm. The luxurious black cover has a pleasant texture with the shining charm inspired by the “Magical Pen” and the title foiled by gold. A metal charm with “Night Ravens College” engraved with laser is also attached.

Even though the item is compact enough to carry around just like a wallet, a zipper pocket for storing accessories is attached inside, which makes it useful for both business and everyday use. The material inside is colored in each dorm’s signature color.

“Touken Ranbu -Online-”
The cover is colored in each character’s signature color with a special metal charm, and is compact enough to carry around.

The lineup consists of a total of 14 designs as follows.

Mikazuki Munechika / Yagen Toushirou / Hotarumaru / Shokudaikiri Mitsutada / Kashuu Kiyomitsu / Kasen Kanesada / Yamanbagiri Kunihiro / Heshikiri Hasebe / Tsurumaru Kuninaga / Yamanbagiri Chougi / Nankaitarou Chouson / School of Samonji (Kousetsu Samonji, Souza Samonji, Sayo Samonji, Taikou Samonji) / School of Gou (Kotegiri Gou, Buzen Gou, Kuwana Gou, Matsui Gou, Samidare Gou, Murakumo Gou) / School of Fukuoka Ichimonji (Nansen Ichimonji, Sanchoumou, Nikkou Ichimonji, Ichimonji Norimune)

“Tiger & Bunny”
The diary 2022 is made of navy-colored shiny enamel material inspired by a glittering night in Sternbild. It has a gorgeous design with a shining Sternbild mark processed in the metal transfer printing method. The detachable charm is made with the same material as the cover.

The cover can be used for a notebook after using the diary.

“Mobile Suit Gundam”
The cover for diary 2022 is a gorgeous trifold type. A gorgeous metal fitting like a dog tag is attached on the crimson-colored frontside, which emphasizes the exclusiveness for Char together with the personal emblem that is boldly stamped.

‘Char Aznable’ in a signature style is foiled by gold inside the front cover, which will make you feel the presence of Char. It will be delivered in a special paper box with a Char’s business-card style item.