The recruitment of additional members for the “Sailor Moon” official fan club “Pretty Guardians” has started on September 1, 2021.

“Pretty Guardians” is a fan club, where the members will receive a member card, newsletters, advance purchase on limited goods and event tickets, and other novelties.
To those who enter from September 1, the purchase of “Noritake Collaboration Plate” (Pre-orders start at 5:00 PM, on September 3, 2021) featuring the illustration of Super Sailor Moon and Luna (Human form) from the cover of volume 11 of Mi Comic’s “Sailor Moon” is possible along with the purchase of the various original goods, including the member limited “Pretty Guardians Original Eco-bag”, “Pretty Guardians Original Hand Mirror”, and “Pretty Guardians Original Heart-shaped Kumano Makeup Brush”.

Also, “Pretty Guardians” has several limited events in the pipeline, including the advance and after-sales of the event goods and the fan club members’ special dessert buffet event from the collaboration between “Sailor Moon” X Arc-en-Ciel Wedding.

The fee for “Pretty Guardians” is 5,500 JPY (tax included). Please visit the official website for detailed information.