The special article of learning English from anime is available on the August issue of “ENGLISH JOURNAL” (Release date: July 6).
This special article “Wakaru! Tanoshii! Tsuzukerareru! Anime de Eigo o Manabu Riyuu.” (Lit. It’s Easy! It’s Fun! I can keep up! The reason for learning English from anime) is a project focuses on anime with the slogan of “The anime that you like, where you remember the story, can actually help you in learning English”.

The special article will feature the famous lines of “Dragon Ball”, “Sailor Moon”, “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler” and other anime in English, as well as introducing anime that can help you learn English, such as “Megalo Box” and “Great Pretender”.
It is filled with information and learning method that is useful to everyone from those anime fans who had the thought of “I want to learn English via anime” to the people who had the thought of “Learning English from anime?”.

“ENGLISH JOURNAL” August Issue is priced at 1,540 JPY (tax included) and the release date is on July 6.