The fan meeting for “Sailor Moon” has been announced. It will be held on June 26, 2021. Moreover, the key visual by the original author Takeuchi Naoko has been revealed.

“’Sailor Moon’ Fan Meeting 2021” is the event to celebrate the birthday of the protagonist Tsukino Usagi and Chibiusa. This is the annual event for “Sailor Moon Project”, and it will be held online this year.

The event contains “Oshioki! Chibi Radio” by Fukuen Misato (Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon/ Chibiusa) and Fujii Yukiyo (Eternal Sailor Saturn/ Tomoe Hotaru) from “Sailor Moon the Movie: Eternal” and the singing part by the musician Kosaka Akiko, ANZA and Ishida Youko, who sung the ending theme songs.

Moreover, from the “’Sailor Moon’ the Musical: The Lover of Princess Kaguya”, scheduled on September, the performance by Tanaka Riko (Sailor Moon/ Tsukino Usagi), Maekawa Kanon (Sailor Mercury/ Mizuno Ami), Kobayashi Rei (Sailor Mars/Hino Rei), Matsumura Kisera (Sailor Jupiter/ Kino Makoto), and Makino Marin (Sailor Venus/ Aino Minako) will be shown, and the mini fashion show for “Sailor Moon Wedding Dress Collection” will be held as well. This will be special stage only for this day.

The original illustration by the original author Takeuchi Naoko has also been.

USAGI BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION “ “’Sailor Moon’ Fan Meeting 2021” will be held on June 26, 2021 from 7:00 PM.