This is the seventh dreamy collaboration between “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” and the accessory brand “Q-pot”. The romantic and sweet accessories will be released, which is about Princess Serenity and Princess Usagi SL Serenity, the two princesses.

The “Two Princesses” themed collaboration accessories include the “Melty Heart Cologne” inspired by a perfume bottle, the “Princess Moon Cupcake”, which expresses a princess with a cute cake, and “Serenity Heart Candy,” a dress arranged in a Q-pot. taste, and “Serenity Sugar Cookie,” a dress design arranged as a sugar cookie.

There are also “Phantom Silver Crystal Melty Alazan,” which expresses the phantom silver crystal in the form of alazan, an indispensable ingredient for making sweets, the “Serenity Whip Charm Bracelet,” which is inspired by their bracelets, and the “Serenity Melt Ring,” which is made by melting the decorations of their dresses into a design that can be easily stacked, “Serenity Whip Hairpin Set,” which represents the two princesses’ hair ornaments.

The “Melty Heart Cologne” necklace is priced at 27,500 JPY, the “Serenity Sugar Cookie” necklace at 13,200 JPY each, bag charms at 11,000 JPY each, the “Princess Moon Cupcake” necklace at 11,000 JPY each, and bag charms at 8,800 JPY each, “Serenity Heart Candy” necklaces at 16,500 JPY each, rings at 16,500 JPY each, earrings at 13,200 JPY each.

The “Melty Arazan Silver Crystal” necklace is priced at 22,000 JPY, earrings at 18,700 JPY “Serenity Melt Ring” at 13,200 JPY each, “Serenity Whip Hairpin Set” at 14,300 JPY each, “Serenity Whip Charm Bracelet” at 7,700 JPY each.

“Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP” will start accepting orders from August 5, and “Q-pot.” directly-managed stores, “Sailor Moon store Harajuku Honten” and “Sailor Moon store – petit – Shinsaibashi Branch” will start selling the products from August 11.

In addition, if you spend more than 44,000 JPY including the 7th collaboration item of “Q-pot. x Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” at “Q-pot.” stores, you will receive “Serenity Heart Accessory Tray” which is a ceramic heart-shaped mini tray with the motif of Princess Serenity’s dress decoration.
Also, each collaboration item will be delivered in a special package with a cake-like pearl white can be decorated with illustrations of Princess Serenity and Princess Usagi SL Serenity.

Besides that, some of the previous “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” collaboration items will be re-released at “Q-pot”. Don’t miss out on this precious opportunity.

“Q-pot. x Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” Vol. 7
Melty Heart Cologne Necklace ¥27,500
Serenity Sugar Cookie Necklace ¥13,200 each / Bag Charms ¥11,000 each
Princess Moon Cupcake Necklace ¥11,000 each / Bag Charms ¥8,800 each
Serenity Heart Candy Necklace ¥16,500 each / Rings ¥16,500 each / Earrings ¥13,200 each
Serenity Silver Crystal Melty Arazan Necklace ¥22,000 / Earrings ¥18,700
Serenity Melt Ring ¥13,200
Serenity Whip Hairpin Set ¥14,300
Serenity Whip Charm Bracelets ¥7,700 each