The anime “Masha and the Bear” will be aired from October 2021. This work is a globally popular anime that is approaching 100 billion views worldwide on Youtube.

“Masha and the Bear”, which depicts the friendship and adventures of a little girl Masha and a big bear, will be broadcast on terrestrial waves from October 2021. It is a globally popular animation that is approaching 100 billion views worldwide on Youtube, and has been ranked number one worldwide in the ranking of “the most in-demand kids’ animated shows”. (Parrot Analytics, August 2021)

Masha is an energetic girl who loves to explore. A quiet bear tries to protect Masha and gets caught up in her adventures. Many forest animals also appear as playmates in this story filled with humor and love. It has been broadcast in about 150 countries around the world, and in 2019, it was recognized by the Guinness World Records as “the most viewed animated video on YouTube with 3.3 billion views,” and the video has been viewed more than 4.5 billion times (as of August 2021).
Masha will be dubbed into Japanese by voice actress Kino Hina.

The TV anime “Masha and the Bear” will start airing in October 2021, and has been streamed on Kids Station, d-anime store, U-NEXT, and Anime Unlimited.

■TV anime “Masha and the Bear”
The broadcast will start on terrestrial waves in October 2021 (*Date and time are subject to change)
[Staff] Planning: Oleg Kuzakhov / Production: Animaccord LTD
[Cast] Masha: Kino Hina

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