From the TV anime “Heaven Official’s Blessing”, the overview and scenes from Episode 6 “Ayakashi no Sabaku e” (Scorpion-Tailed Snake Shadow), which was broadcast on Sunday, August 8, have been released.

“Heaven Official’s Blessing” is a fantasy anime set in a fictitious ancient China based on a Chinese web novel. It was broadcast on China’s Bilibili from October 2020 and received over 300 million views in total. The detailed story unfolding in a beautiful and mysterious world and the attractive characters drew much attention, especially in Asia.

Episode 6 is titled “Ayakashi no Sabaku e”.
According to the Daoist who appeared before Xie Lian, a group of merchants was passing through the desert in the northwest, but when they arrived at the Banyue Pass, they were wiped out by a mysterious phenomenon. The Banyue Pass is a place where the Kingdom of Banyue used to exist, and it is said to be run by the evil demon Banyue sorcerer, a former Goushi.

Xie Lian senses that there is something going on at Banyue, and decides to head there along with San Lang, Nan Feng, and Fu Yao.
During the journey, Nan Feng and Fu Yao, are suspicious of San Lang and try to uncover his true identity, but fail. Then, Xie Lian finds two figures moving nimbly through the sand storm.

The TV Anime “Heaven Official’s Blessing” Episode 6 “Ayakashi no Sabaku e” was broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS 11 on Sunday, August 8, 2021.

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