From “Laid-back Camp△” comes a simple lantern with designs of Kagamihara Nadeshiko and Shima Rin. It is currently available on Amazon.

This product is a collaboration lantern between “Sterling”, a manufacturer of disaster prevention and outdoor products, and “Laid-back Camp△”. On the front of the lantern, there is a full-color print of Kagamihara Nadeshiko and Shima Rin sleeping together in a sleeping bag.

It has a simple design and the brightness can be dimmed up to 150lm. Unlike ordinary lanterns, it is slim and can be used conveniently for camping and disaster prevention.
It will be delivered in a color box specially designed for the ” Laid-back Camp△” collaboration model.

The price of the ” Laid-back Camp△ LED Slim Lantern” is 3,980 JPY (tax included). It is currently on sale on “Amazon”.

■LED Slim Lantern
Sale Start Date: August 27, 2021
Sales Price: 3,980 JPY (tax included)
Size: 205mm (H) x 72mm (W) x 32mm (W)
Specification Power: AA battery x 4 pcs (sold separately)
LED Light : Strong (150lm) / Medium (100lm) / Weak (50lm)
Continuous lighting: Strong (approx. 3 hours 30 minutes) / Medium (approx. 7 hours) / Weak (approx. 18 hours 30 minutes)
Color : White

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