It was announced that TV anime “Requiem of the Rose King” was postponed to January 2022. It was originally scheduled on fall 2021, but was delayed to the reason related to production.

“Requiem of the Rose King” is the dark fantasy based on “Henry VI” and “Richard III”, Shakespeare’s historical plays, written by Kanno Aya, which is currently serialized on “Monthly Princess”. The story is set in the age of Wars of the Roses of England, in which “the white rose” York Family and “the red rose” Lancaster Family compete for the position of the king. The 3rd son of the York called Richard, who is intersex, will be forced into the cruel flow of fate.

Due to the change in the broadcast date, the production side commented, “We feel sorry from our heart to whom waited the release of this anime for a long time. We are currently doing our best to make it a wonderful anime. Thank you for you cooperation”.

Detailed information of the TV anime and the broadcast date will be announced at the official website and the official Twitter account as soon as it is decided.

© Kanno Aya (Akita Shoten)/ “Requiem of the Rose King” Production Committee